All our cars go through a rigorous 111 multi-point inspection based on Subaru Pre-Owned Approved Program as well as appearance and additional items. 

1 Run and provide Carfax Vehicle History Report

Road Test

2 Cold engine operations perform properly

3 Throttle operates properly during cold start

4 Vehicle operates properly during warm-up conditions

5 Engine performs properly during operating temperature

6 Engine reach normal operating temperature

7 Engine fan(s) operate properly

8 Brake pedal free play and travel within specifications

9 No abnormal vibrations and noises during brake applications

10 ABS operates properly

11 Parking brake operates properly and within specification

12 Seat belt material condition

13 Seat belts operate properly

14 Transmission/clutch operates smoothly

15 Automatic transmission operates properly during cold temperature

16 Automatic transmission operates properly during operating temperature

17 Steering has normal feel in lock-to-lock turning

18 Steering wheel centered in straight-line driving

19 Vehicle tracks and drives straight on level surface

20 Tilt and telescopic steering mechanism operates properly

21 Front windshield wiper operates properly in all modes

22 Rear windshield wiper operates properly in all modes

23 Windshield washer fluid sprays properly

24 Wiper blades clear glass properly

25 Wipers return to correct position when off

26 Speedometer functions properly

27 Odometer application registers mileage in every mode

28 Cruise control operates properly

29 Heater operates properly

30 A/C operates properly

31 No abnormal noise or vibration from engine

Frame, Structure & Underbody

32 Frame/Unibody condition

33 Suspension-related items for wear/leaks and proper performance

34 Inspect struts/shocks for leaks and wear

35 Power steering system operates properly with no leaks

36 Wheel covers secure

37 Tires are inflated to specification and free of damage

38 Minimum of 3/32" tread depth remaining in middle of tread

39 Brake calipers and lines operate properly with no signs of damage

40 The brake system contains all needed equipment (shim kit, pins, rattle clips, etc.)

41 Brake pad/shoe linings are in good condition

42 Brake rotors/drums within specifications and are in good operating condition

43 Exhaust system is properly secured with no leaks

44 Engine/transmission mounts operate properly

45 Drive/axle shafts operate properly

46 CV joints/boots operate properly

47 Inspect engine for fuel, oil, coolant or other fluid leaks

48 Inspect transmission case and pan for major leaks

49 Differential fluid level correct with no major leaks

Emissions & State Inspection

50 Perform emissions test and/or state inspection


51 Drive belts and hoses free of cracks and damage

52 Air filter in good condition

53 Battery has no visible damage

54 Battery is secure

55 Charging system operating properly

56 Engine coolant at proper level

57 Change engine oil and filter

58 Check for evidence of oil gel

59 Oil, brake, clutch, transmission, transfer case, power steering and washer fluid at proper level

60 Under-hood fluids uncontaminated


61 Fuel gauge operational

62 Battery voltage gauge operational

63 Engine temperature gauge operational

64 Horn operates properly

65 Airbag(s) present

66 Headlights are properly aligned

67 High and low beams operate properly

68 Tail lights, brake lights & back-up lights operate properly

69 Side Marker lights & license plate lights operate properly

70 No broken lenses of exterior lights

71 Instrument panel/warning lights operate properly

72 HVAC panel/lights operate properly

73 Instrument panel light dimmer operates properly

74 Turn signals operate properly

75 Hazard flashers operate properly

76 Rear-view interior mirror operates properly

77 Exterior mirrors' operation and condition

78 Remote mirror control operates properly

79 Glass is free of cracks and large stars

80 Window tinting clear and conforms to local requirements

81 Dome/courtesy lights operate

82 Windows operate properly

83 Window locks operate properly

84 Power windows operate from master switch and all door switches

85 Audio working properly

86 Audio speakers function properly

87 Antenna is present and functional

88 Clock operates properly

89 12V ACC power outlet operates properly

90 Ashtrays (if equipped) are present and operate properly

91 Doors open and close properly

92 Door locks, including child safety locks, operate properly

93 Remote keyless entry system and smart key system operate properly

94 Master key is present

95 Theft deterrent system operates properly if equipped

96 Seat adjustments and seat heater(s) operate properly

97 Memory seat control operates properly

98 Headrests function properly

99 Defogger indicator light operates properly

100 Rear defogger operates properly

101 Luggage compartment light operation

102 Luggage compartment is clean and free of debris

103 Hood and luggage compartment latches operate properly

104 Interior remote luggage compartment release operates properly

105 Emergency trunk release operates properly

106 Fuel door release operates properly

107 Spare tire's cover in place

108 Spare tire present

109 Spare tire has correct air pressure

110 Spare tire and storage areas are free of debris

111 Spare tire is securely fastened w Jack/Tools


 Body surface condition

 Exterior is washed and clean

 Interior is free of debris

 Dash and vents are clean

 Ashtrays and lighter are clean (if equipped)

 Door jambs are clean

 Glove box and console compartments are clean

 Cabin air filter condition

 Seats, carpets, floor mats cleaned

 Deodorized as needed

 Glass is clean and free of streaks

 Body is free of all dents

 Body is reasonably free of large dings

 Paint is buffed and touched up where there are scratches and chips

Additional Inspection Items (Where Applicable)

 'Fade-away' dome light operates properly

 Sunroof/convertible top operates properly through full range of positions

 Convertible top lockout function operates properly

 Radio security codes cleared

 Navigation system operates properly

 Transfer case switches from 2WD to 4WD and back from 4WD to 2WD

 Truck bed-liner is secured

 Tailgate operates properly

 Back-up camera operates properly

 Bluetooth searches for signal

 Lane Keep Assist operates properly

 Dynamic Radar Cruise Control/pre-Collision Systems operate properly

 Intelligent parking Assist operates properly

Hybrid Components

 Hybrid battery

 Electric motor/generator operates properly

 eCVT operates properly

 Power inverter operates properly

 Inverter coolant level

 Check transaxle 'Park' mechanism



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