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At Ira Subaru, we're proud to help drivers in Wakefield, Reading, and Danvers with their automotive needs. Whether you're the type of driver who performs your own maintenance or one who relies on their local shop to execute intricate procedures, you'll want to use the right parts for the job.

Our parts center is a resource for you to find the exact parts or accessories that you need for your vehicle. We have available components to improve any aspect of your Subaru, from its off-roading capabilities and on-road performance to its fuel efficiency. Tires, brake pads, spark plugs, filters, and any other component comes with our reliable Subaru backing, too!

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Using Subaru OEM Parts

Subaru drivers who take care of their own maintenance should always use Subaru OEM parts. While aftermarket parts can be found at any car parts warehouse, there are several disadvantages to using aftermarket parts. For instance, they're usually made from cheaper materials, which means they may wear more quickly. Plus, they may not completely fit properly within your vehicle.

Subaru OEM parts, on the other hand, are specifically designed to fit seamlessly in with your vehicle. Also, they're made from high-quality materials to ensure they last for many miles to come. After all, OEM parts are crafted for the exact model year of your vehicle. While Subaru does a solid job of keeping intricate parts similar throughout different model years, there are slight differences between the parts in a 2015 Subaru Crosstrek and a 2020 Subaru Crosstrek, for instance.

After installing the OEM parts, your Subaru will run with the enthusiasm that it showed the first day you drove it off the lot!  

Finding Subaru Accessories

Did you know that you can customize your vehicle and tailor it towards your personal style? Finding the right Subaru accessories can help you add a new look to your vehicle.

You can find license plate frames, metal pedal pads, exhaust pipe covers, and even a new shift knob to add a sporty appearance to your vehicle. You can also find helpful accessories, such as floor mats, roof racks, cargo organizers, and car covers to help shield your Subaru from the elements.

Subaru always strives to provide a versatile and customizable experience. The lengthy list of parts they make available are all about further tailoring your Subaru to fit your day-to-day routine. Each Subaru model has an inherent level of off-roading prowess, for example, but you can significantly improve that adventurous spirit by throwing on a new set of tires, adding mud flaps to your model, or sorting through the rest of the available off-roading parts.

If you aren't sure which parts make the most sense for your Subaru, you can contact our staff. We'll gladly explain all of our available Subaru parts, letting you know what the advantages of each part are and how that part might alter the performance or style of your vehicle.

Ordering Your Subaru Parts & Accessories

When you know the part or accessory that you want, you can easily order it from our parts center by filling out our form with basic information. We just need the model, model year, and trim of your vehicle along with the part you need. That way, we can be sure to get the component that's designed specifically for your Subaru.

We have extensive connections within the Subaru parts market, which allows us to secure obscure parts for older models as well as new parts for more recent models. Sometimes, you may not know which parts are needed for your vehicle to run at its best. If you notice a downtick in performance, whether it be diminished fuel economy, lagging acceleration, or spongy brakes, you can bring your Subaru into the shop.

Our certified technicians will be happy to perform an inspection to quickly identify the cause of the potential issue. This is all part of the natural wear and tear process that occurs for any model. Typically, brake pads and rotors are swapped out every 30,000 miles, for example. Certain factors may speed up the wear on your Subaru's parts as well, such as exposure to inclement weather, frequently driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic, lengthy off-roading explorations, and more.

Whether it's an accessory you want to add on for fun or a part that needs to be replaced due to the natural aging of your vehicle, we'll often have the component in our parts center. If we don't, we'll lean on those Subaru connections to order the part. Once it arrives, we'll let you know, so you can bring your Subaru into our shop. The installation process is always quick and efficient!

Parts Installation at Ira Subaru

While you may like to perform your own maintenance, you can also have your parts installed at our dealership. Our technicians are specially trained and certified with Subaru engines and components, so your vehicle is in great hands when it's at our dealership.

At our facility, our certified technicians also deliver the proper care for your vehicle. We have advanced equipment and designated departments for your many automotive needs. If there's a part in your Subaru that needs to be swapped out for a fresh component, we have a service department that's ready and waiting to make the change.

Finding a time to stop over is easier when you use our online scheduling tool. This online tool lists a range of dates and times in succession, giving you the chance to pick one that fits within your schedule!

Find the Subaru Part or Accessory You Need!

At Ira Subaru, we're always happy to help drivers in Wakefield, Reading, and Danvers find the exact parts that their vehicle needs. From ordering the parts to installing them ourselves at our state-of-the-art service facility, you can always trust our team to take great care of your model. Contact us today!


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